The most comfortable laser experience in the Edmonton area.

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Off The Hook

Our goal is simply to provide the most comfortable laser experience in the Edmonton area. We know that lasering can be a stressful experience and sometimes even a little embarrassing. We completely understand your feelings and there are many things we offer to help your experience be positive.

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All of our staff have had extensive hair removal, so we understand everything you are going through. We will take the time to answer all your questions, and we are comfortable talking about all areas you may want to laser.Male or female.


All of our staff and registered nurses are highly trained and have a wealth of experience giving laser treatments that are beneficial and really work. We are trained to adjust each treatment to suit the current needs of each individual.We employ registered nurses as well as trained and certified laser technicians. Please specify at the time of booking if you would prefer your treatment done by a nurse.

Topical Anesthetic Cream

For your comfort, we provide, at no additional cost, a topical anesthetic cream.